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Our Physiotherapy Services

Online bookings are for follow-up appointments only. To book an initial assessment please contact the clinic.

Pelvic Floor Assessment

80 Minutes


Pelvic Floor Follow-up

40 Minutes


Complex Pelvic Follow-up

60 Minutes


Phone Consultation

10 Minutes


Telehealth at Kingston Pelvic Health

Kingston Pelvic Health offers Telehealth appointments using a secure video conferencing platform.  Phone and video appointments are available, where you will not be asked to download any additional programming onto your device. Our electronic medical records software, Clinko, has developed a Telehealth platform that complies with all privacy legislation and is a secure way to meet face to face with your therapist.

Products we have in Clinic for Purchase 


Although UberLube is our most popular choice, we have different types of lubricants. Ask us about them!

Image of Uberlube lubricant being administered.

The Uresta bladder support gives you back your life-it helps significantly to reduce or stop leaks so you can start living again.

Image of uresta box and product.
Postpartum Icepacks

Hot and cold therapy packs, soft nylon fabric that is washable: perfect for pelvic heaviness, pelvic congestion, post-delivery pain control (vaginal delivery and c-section).

Image of postpartum icepack kit.
Neuro Trac Tens

Dual channel digital TENS unit with 12 preset programs and 2 custom programs. Women with chronic pelvic pain, pelvic pain, and bladder pain often find TENS a useful pain management option.

Image of neuro trac tens machine.
Baby Belly Bands

Groin bands, regular belly bands, sport belly bands, and shoulder straps available

Belly Bands are helpful for pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain, pubic symphysis pain, SI joint pain, pelvic congestion, pelvic heaviness, and vulvar varicosities.

Image of baby belly bands being worn.

Vaginal dilators are devices used for a variety conditions. Dilation therapy focuses on increasing confidence with penetration, re-training how your sensory system handles various sensations, desensitizing tissues, assisting with stretching the PFMs, and used as part of therapy during radiation therapy to reduced scarring and adhesions forming. Our dilator kits include smooth, easy to clean dilators in six different sizes with an comfortable handle.

Image of dilator kit.

A wearable that allows couples to explore comfortable penetration during sex. Particularly helpful for women with MRKH, those who have had radiation therapy, and women who experience pain with deep penetration. The rings limit depth of penetration while allowing the sensation of full penetration for both partners.

Image of OHNUT product.
Pelvitone Stim Machines

The NeuroTracT PelviTone is an advanced and modern digital dual channel STIM unit featuring 11 built in continence programs and 3 custom programs. The NeuroTracT PelviTone unit will help improve muscle awareness, muscle contractility, sensation, and can be an effective options for those with urgency and overactive bladder. We stock a variety of different sensors (vaginal, anal, and surface) to accommodate most situations. STIM units are for use in clinic and we also rent them for those needing more concentrated, consistent work at home.

Image of a pelvitone stim machine kit.
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