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Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth Appointments

KPH offers Telehealth appointments using a secure video conferencing platform.  Phone and video appointments are available, where you will not be asked to download any additional programming onto your device. Our electronic medical records software, Clinko, has developed a Telehealth platform that complies with all privacy legislation and is a secure way to meet face to face with your KPH therapist.


Types of Appointments   

 Brief consultation  (15-20 minutes, phone or video)                                           

 Regular treatment (25-35 minutes, phone or video)                                           

 New Patient Consultation (45-60 minutes, phone or video)                              

Consent and Documents 

  Consent information for Telehealth Appointment                               

  Client information for Initial Appointment 

  Bladder Diary

  Symptom Questionnaire Female 

   Appointment Protocol 

   Infection Control and Prevention

   Privacy Policy 

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